I have been having lots and lots of conversations with students (new and old alike) about how imbalanced they feel. You guys, whether you believe it or not, 2020 has done a number on our bodies, our psyches, our emotional well-being, our spirits. We have trauma that has embedded itself in our cells—I know, I know, so much yoga-speak! But, really people, we need to heal from this! How do we heal? We use all the tools: yoga, healthy relationships, Reiki, good food, supplements, massage, healthy routines, acupuncture, reflexology, weight lifting, breathing, playing with our kids and animals, cardio, meditation…Some of those, I can’t give you, but there are so many I can!

So, before I can talk about what I can give you, we have to back up to, why did I choose a Wellness Center set-up for blue door rather than just a yoga/movement studio? If you’re not interested in blue door’s evolution, move on to the paragraph that begins with, “With this space…” 🙂

If you’re interested and still reading, why did I choose a Wellness Center model for blue door? In my gut, I just knew it was the right way to go.

When blue door was just a tiny light in my consciousness (back in 2012), I had no doubt yoga would be a big part of it. When I opened up the first, physical space (in my 340 sq ft. family room on my country property—how many of you can say you knew blue door when? Raise your hand!), I knew there would be a wellness component. Again, I didn’t know exactly what that would look like, I just knew it needed to happen. Brian, my husband, asked me why wellness? I couldn’t articulate it, but I told him that it was imperative to my business model; I just KNEW blue door needed it. Fast forward to 2017, and, thank God, I had Wellness, because I utilized EVERY. SINGLE. MODALITY.

blue door opened in April 2015. Well, I taught ALL the classes, so it wasn’t yet blue door, it was just Jesi’s studio 🙂 We had Community Acupuncture with Sydney Walker in the summer of 2015 and she began teaching Qi Gong. In October 2015, I hired my first yoga teacher, Casey Dugan. She is a wonderful human being and we were lucky to have her (and, for those of you who took classes with Casey, she is now at Mt. Madonna Center in Monterey). Casey, also wore a lot of other hats and became blue door’s first Wellness Practitioner—massage therapist. And, just like that, blue door became a real Studio and a real Wellness Center. From there, it snowballed; Barbra Brady joined in January 2016 and blue door began to take shape.

So, back to the original point of this story—why wellness? In 2015 and 16, I didn’t, personally, need anything more than yoga. At that time, having a wellness treatment was nice, but not necessary. But, I knew that others needed wellness treatments to keep them healthy and balanced.

January 2017, blue door moved into The Grove, into our 845 sq ft space. Was it the perfect space? No. Was I excited about the layout of the space? Heck, no! Having no separation between the front desk/lobby to the studio was definitely not ideal. Having the bathroom entrance in the studio was horrendous (I still cringe over that! If I had to assign an emoji to how I felt about this situation it would be the poop and facepalm emojis). Having to enter the Wellness Room through the studio was just asinine. But, I was in a public, visible, accessible space; and, that was what blue door needed at that time. We grew Wellness from massage and acupuncture to include Reiki, Nutrition, Ayurveda. And, we all know where we’re at now: our beautiful 3500 sq ft forever home. No funkiness, no “making do” with the layout. It is perfection.

With this space, blue door’s Wellness can take center stage, the way I always envisioned; this synergistic existence between yoga/movement and all the other modalities to make you the best you EVER. So, how do we heal from 2020? You pull it all in, as I mentioned earlier. Revel in the fact that we can be a community again. Revel in moving your body and fall in love with that. Revel in being able to have a massage or reflexology or acupuncture or Reiki. Clean up your diet—FOOD IS HEALTH; I can’t emphasize this enough. Revel in the routine. Revel in stillness. Be in awe of the beauty around you. Relish that cup of chai (or coffee). Get lost in meditation. Look into sleep hygiene—yes, that’s a thing. Don’t know where to start, or are you too far down the road of imbalance to do it on your own? Come talk to me and let’s map out your perfect prescription. This is why blue door is a Wellness Center.