Tradition in Practice

Live your Sankalpa

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our Teacher Training. If you landed here, it means you are curious and have a zest for learning. We are honored to be on this journey with you.

What is Tradition in Practice? For us at blue door, it is marrying eastern wisdom with western practice. In our training, you will learn how to use yoga as a tool to discover your essence – to identify your sankalpa.

Our training will give you a strong foundation in anatomy and the skills to build elegant, safe sequences. By the end of the training, you will be adept at queueing postures and have the ability to look at bodies and offer modifications and adjustments when appropriate. You will also gain knowledge of Ayurveda within the context of yoga and yoga philosophy. You will walk away well versed in the 8 limbs of yoga and familiar with mantras and chanting.

The Nitty Gritty

What sets us apart?

The best of both worlds: a strong emphasis on creating a safe, enjoyable, well aligned physical practice as well as a major focus on the philosophical roots of yoga. We believe in honoring the ancient tradition of yoga, based on breath, meditation, and stillness. If you are reading this, you intuitively know that yoga is not just the asana; this training will elucidate what it truly means to practice yoga. You will come to understand your “why” – why do you show up on your mat?

Diverse and experienced teaching team

We invite guest teachers to teach on selected topics. Learning from these master teachers is a wonderful opportunity for you to hear different perspectives and receive wisdom from other leaders in the yoga community.

Extended weekend format

We think this is the best way to learn – allowing you to assimilate what you’re learning into your practice and life over the course of 6 months.

Our Community

We’ll just come out and say it, we think we have the greatest group of people this side of the Petaluma River. As a member of our training you will be deepen your relationships with the teachers and students at blue door.


Who can say no to that?



Friday, 1.27.23, 6-9 pm

Saturday, 1.28.23, 11am-4:30 pm

Sunday, 1.29.23, 1-5:30 pm


Friday, 2.10.23, 6-9 pm

Saturday, 2.11.23, 11am-4:30 pm

Sunday, 2.12.23, 1-5:30 pm

Friday, 2.24.23, 6-9 pm

Saturday, 2.25.23, 11am-4:30 pm

Sunday, 2.26.23, 1-5:30 pm


Friday, 3.10.23, 6-9 pm

Saturday, 3.11.23, 11am-4:30 pm

Sunday, 3.12.23, 1-5:30 pm

Friday, 3.24.23, 6-9 pm

Saturday, 3.25.23, 11am-4:30 pm

Sunday, 3.26.23, 1-5:30 pm


Friday, 4.7.23, 6-9 pm

Saturday, 4.8.23, 11am-4:30 pm

Sunday, 4.9.23, 1-5:30 pm

Friday, 4.21.23, 6-9 pm

Saturday, 4.22.23, 11am-4:30 pm

Sunday, 4.23.23, 1-5:30 pm


Friday, 5.5.23, 6-9 pm

Saturday, 5.6.23, 11am-4:30 pm

Sunday, 5.7.23, 1-5:30 pm

Friday, 5.19.23, 6-9 pm

Saturday, 5.20.23, 11am-4:30 pm

Sunday, 5.21.23, 1-5:30 pm


Friday, 6.2.23, 6-9 pm

Saturday, 6.3.23, 11am-4:30pm

Sunday, 6.4.23, 1-5:30 pm

Friday, 6.16.23, 6-9 pm

Saturday, 6.17.23, 11am-4:30pm

Sunday, 6.18.23, 1-5:30 pm

Friday, 6.30.23, 6-9 pm

Saturday, 7.1.23, 11am-4:30pm

Sunday, 7.2.23, 1-5:30 pm


Friday, 7.14.23, 6-9 pm

Saturday, 7.15.23, 11am-4:30 pm

Sunday, 7.16.23, 1-5:30 pm

Friday, 7.28.23, 6-9 pm

Saturday, 7.29.23, 11am-4:30 pm

Sunday, 7.30.23, 1-5:30 pm


Friday, 8.11.23, 6-9 pm

Saturday, 8.12.23, 11am-4:30 pm

Sunday, 8.13.23, 1-5:30 pm












When paid in full by: October 31, 2021


After October 31, 2021



Jesi Headshot w:flowers 2013


Jesi Mifsud is the founder of blue door yoga & wellness. The healing practice of yoga came into her life in 2010 and she has been hooked ever since. It was always her desire to share a traditional form of yoga with those in her community and this dream was fulfilled when she opened blue door in 2015. With the addition of blue door’s Tradition in Practice Training, she is able to reach a wider audience and go deeper with the philosophical and more esoteric teachings of yoga. She is honored and excited to share this journey with you. Jesi received her training through YogaWorks Mill Valley and studied under Nikki Estrada.



She has been teaching since 2000, and is a ParaYoga Level II Certified Teacher, having studied with ParaYoga® founder, Rod Stryker, since 2004; she is also an iRest (Richard Miller) Yoga Nidra Practitioner. Barbra has an established private yoga practice where yoga is prescribed specifically for the client. With a lifelong thirst for pursuing her passions, she holds “diplomas“ from Yoga Alliance (E- RYT 500); iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 Practitioner training; and Advanced Teacher Certification with Erich Schiffmann. Barbara also has an MA in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Museum Exhibition Theory.


Nikki Estrada

A dedicated practitioner for more than two decades, Nikki’s extensive studies include intensive practice with Sri Pattabhi Jois in India, as well as teacher trainings with Erich Schiffmann and Sarah Powers. Her current focus is Tantra, the practice of weaving spiritual experience into everyday life. Nikki’s Vinyasa-based classes are a synthesis of her years of yogic study and personal experience, with an emphasis on intelligent alignment, meditation and living life more joyful. A YogaWorks Certified Teacher, Nikki Estrada is the Director of Trainer Development for YogaWorks in Northern California. She leads teacher trainings at the 200 and 300-hour levels and teaches classes and workshops.


Erin Cookston

A dedicated practitioner for over a decade, Erin completed her teacher training through Yogaworks. She quickly developed a reputation for teaching with the wisdom and intelligence of the many high caliber teachers she has studied with. Erin’s unique teaching style weaves together precise alignment, breath awareness, and meditation. Her personal exuberance and warmth shine through her teaching in every class. Erin will inspire you, challenge you, and above all she will help you find more balance and wholehearted joy on and off your yoga mat.


Dawn Justice

Dawn is a twice certified Yoga Alliance E-RYT.  Her first 200 hour certification was in 2006 in Hatha yoga at 7 Centers Yoga Arts in Sedona, AZ.  She completed her second 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified training in Viniyoga in August 2013.  She has also completed AirCat Aerial Yoga teacher training Levels 1 and 2 in 2011/2012 at Boulder Circus Center then Fly Gym Aerial Yoga teacher training in 2011.  She is also certified to teach TRX.

Dawn teaches a combination of styles gleaned from her varied background with an emphasis on playfulness as well as the mind/body connection.  She interweaves various modalities into her classes to better address the being as an integrated whole.  She is also a perpetual student, learning from trained teachers and her students alike.


Janna Barkin

Janna has been a practicing yogini for 20 years. She delights in guiding others through their own discovery and exploration of Yoga and it’s benefits. Combining a playful passion for the practice with a strong understanding of biomechanics alignment principles. Janna’s classes inspire integration of body, mind, heart, and spirit.


Kim Pia

Kim’s love of yoga is rooted in her love of movement and in her thirst for deeper connection to Self. An avid dancer and aerialist, she believes that moving your body is the best way to unlock your soul. Her classes are spirited and sometimes irreverent, but always grounded in the serious work of using asana to bring things to the surface: as a tool for seeing the Self. Kim’s goal is to help her students build strength and flexibility while learning to trust the wisdom of their bodies.


Nicole Meyers

My teaching style is direct, humorous, supportive, and body focused. I strive to help students to improve on their alignment, strength, flexibility, and posture through  anatomically focused cuing. Every body is unique, and I love to help people understand their own body through supportive modifications and investigative movements. Body comfortable is a result of balanced strength, flexibility, and postural awareness, and I try to help everyone move towards more comfort in their body.


Dr. Aparna Dandekar

I was born to parents who emigrated from India and settled in the United States in the 1960s. They made it a point to infuse the ancient teachings of Vedanta, Ayurveda, and Yoga into my childhood, as they recognized these timeless philosophies to be applicable to modern life. Raised in an open-minded, multilingual, and bicultural household, I was able to appreciate the values of both east and west, and identify equally with both. After completing my allopathic and osteopathic medical education, my pursuit of knowledge led me back to the familiar path of Ayurveda — a medical science that has always resonated comfortably with my personal philosophies toward health.I enjoy being the mother of two growing children. My husband, a pediatrician, and I reside in the Bay Area. I am fluent in the Indian languages of Marathi and Hindi, and have a degree in Sanskrit. My goals are to demystify Ayurveda and present it as it has existed through the ages: an intuitive, practical, no-nonsense way to find balance. I look forward to working with you to create positive and lasting changes in your health, using techniques that are easily incorporated into your daily life.