Jesi Mifsud

Specialty: Yoga
Desired superpower: Create order with a single thought.
Favorite food: Popcorn
Down-time activities: Binge watching mindless shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.
If I were a mode of transportation, I would be: Wonder Woman’s Invisible Airplane.
Color of my soul: Mediterranean blue
Favorite movie: Ferris Beuller’s Day Off
I will come back as: A very fat, lazy, over-indulged cat.
My teaching style: As a YogaWorks trained teacher, Jesi’s classes are alignment-based and strong—she can even make Chair Yoga challenging!  You will find philosophy, Ayurveda and salty language seamlessly mixed in with anatomy. What she hopes you leave with is: contentment, connection, laughter, and a more joyful soul. All in one hour.


Barbra Brady

Specialty: Yoga
Desired superpower: Be anywhere I want in an instant.
Favorite food: Red beans and rice.
Down-time activities: Listen to mindfulness podcasts, swim laps while doing my mantra repetitions, daydream.
If I were a mode of transportation, I would be: A feather-weight road bike.
Color of my soul: Gold.
Favorite movie: Dr. Strangelove.
I will come back as: A cat, of course.
My teaching style: Mindfulness in motion and stillness. Awareness of physical alignment, while specializing in a deep, lasting, energetic alignment. Experience the many ingredients of “complete” yoga–asana, pranayama, meditation, visualization, chanting…the full spectrum of yoga’s tools to step into your power and potential. A yogic path from monkey mind to contentment and present moment awareness. Yoga is a state, not a pose.

Nicole Myers Headshot

Nicole Myers

Specialty: Functional Movement/Yoga
Desired superpower: Time Control…I want to be able to stop and start time at will
Favorite Food: too hard to choose! I find a new favorite all the time.
Down-time activities: When I find a couple hours to spare I usually go for a hike or watch a movie.
If I were a mode of transportation, I would be: RV…self-sufficient, mobile, my home is always with me
Color of my soul: Teal
Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings
I will come back as: A house cat (independent, lithe, well fed, lazy, & spoiled)
My teaching style: Nicole’s passion is rooted in a nerdy love of anatomy and a fascination with how the human body has evolved to move effectively & safely. Her classes are alignment-based and designed to help students work towards greater strength, flexibility, balance, and a deeper mind-body connection. Nicole’s other lives as geology professor and barre instructor gives her classes a distinctive presentation that is challenging, engaging, and educational, with a unique comic relief. Her goal is to help her students discover their own ideal alignment, allowing them to successfully build the strength and flexibility that leads to greater body-comfort and the energy to accomplish life goals.


Kim Pia

Specialty: Yoga
Desired superpower: flying – I’m a little bit of an adrenaline seeker
Favorite food: fresh bread
Down-time activities: Blasting music and dancing alone in my room, trying to finally master handstands, watching ungodly amounts of netflix with my roommates, floating down rivers, paddle boarding, and hiking
If I were a mode of transportation, I would be: a magic carpet
Color of my soul: shimmery chartreuse
Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing
I will come back as: a lynx
My teaching style: Kim’s love of yoga is rooted in her love of movement and in her thirst for deeper connection to Self. An avid dancer and aerialist, she believes that moving your body is the best way to unlock your soul. Her classes are spirited and sometimes irreverent, straying from pure “yoga,” but always grounded in the serious work of using asana to bring things to the surface – as a tool for seeing the self. Kim’s goal is to help her students truly understand movement and build strength and flexibility while learning to trust the wisdom of their bodies.


Niki Marchione

Specialty: Yoga
Desired superpower: Flying, obviously
Favorite Food: I honestly don’t know…salad, maybe?
Down-time activities: Cooking, hiking, yoga, sleeping
If I were a mode of transportation, I would be: Walking
Color of my soul: Yellow
Favorite movie: White Chicks
I will come back as: A cat
My teaching style: Nourishing, intuitive, and light-hearted

Roberta Rogers Headshot

Roberta Rogers

Specialty: Movement/Neuroplasticity
Desired superpower: The power to eradicate borders.
Favorite Food: Pho
Down-time activities: Surf
If I were a mode of transportation, I would be: The albatross for the rescuers movie.
Color of my soul: Fuchsia
Favorite movie: Carne Tremula by Pedro Almodovar
I will come back as: An Owl
A little about me: I teach an intuitive manner. Each class is informed by the level of my students, the season and my sense of what needs to be shared in the moment. Some days the classes will be internal, relaxing and meditative, other days the classes will be more outward, stimulating and energizing. A short discourse is shared on the wisdoms of Buddhism to align the theoretical with the practical.

JB Headshot small

Jamie Bartlett

Specialty: Yoga
Desired superpower: Time traveler
Favorite Food: Pizza
Down-time activities: Walks/play with my pup, time in nature (hiking, boating, camping), reading, journaling, plant tending, creating
If I were a mode of transportation, I would be: A hot air balloon
Color of my soul: Lavender
Favorite movie: E.T.
I will come back as: A snowy owl
My teaching style: Mindful, deliberate movement coordinated with the breath by use of pranayama techniques.  Philosophy and yoga ethics are often woven into the practice, with an aim to reach a better understanding of ourselves and our movement in the world.

Karla w:bowls Beach small

Karla Bravo

Specialty: Sound Healing
Desired superpower: Traveling through space and portals.
Favorite Food: A good ceviche.
Down-time activities: Reading and connecting with nature and humans.
If I were a mode of transportation, I would be: A spaceship.
Color of my soul: Lavender
Favorite movie: Dr. Strange
I will come back as: An oak tree.
A little about me: Fluid and responding to the person/people in front of me. Intuitive based.

Nicole Headshot 2

Nicole Hodges

Specialty: Yoga
Desired superpower: I would be a mind reader.
Favorite Food: Pizza–all kinds, every day, all the time!
Down-time activities: What is down time?!?  Watching Survivor, walking my dogs, reading anything I can get my hands on!
If I were a mode of transportation, I would be: Vespa scooter.
Color of my soul: Yellow
Favorite movie: Big (Tom Hanks)
I will come back as: A Great Pyrenees.  Slow, easy-going, and watchful.
My teaching style: A combination of strength and balance with intentional movement.  Alignment-based flow.

Nina Portrait by Maxim Bessieres

Nina Canal

Specialty: Tai Chi
Desired superpower: Ability to move things/people, physically.  Just with energy.
Favorite Food: Mango.
Down-time activities: Hiking, being in nature.
If I were a mode of transportation, I would be: A futuristic, small airplane using no fuel.
Color of my soul: Blue violet
Favorite movie: Band Wagon by Vincent Minelli (1953) and Avatar.
I will come back as: Someone living on the land or forest where men and women are equal.
A little about me: Be like water…


Mollie Heckel-Munc

Specialty: Yoga
Desired superpower:Flight. It’d be nice to get places quickly. Have a view.
Favorite Food: Pizza and Pinot. Great combination.
Down-time activities: Watch too much reality TV.
If I were a mode of transportation, I would be: Dune buggy. Why not?
Color of my soul: Purple
Favorite movie: Anything by John Hughes. 80s rom coms.
I will come back as: An orca
A little about me: I’m a graduate of Blue Door’s teacher training program and teach primarily Yin Yoga at the studio. One of the purposes of yoga in today’s society is to decompress and de-stress. I create an environment where the day can melt away (sometimes with a deep sigh) and the body can relax and restore.