We will demystify yoga for you

Your Questions Answered

We give serious, deep philosophy and traditional yoga in a welcoming, fun, irreverent environment. To be clear, we have a deep reverence for the practice, but we encourage our students to speak up during class, ask questions, speak their minds. We have all the props you could ever desire: short arms? We have blocks for that. Giselle Bündchen legs? We have straps for that. Every body is different and we have the props to support your practice. Have you ever seen a sandbag in action? Do you know how to use one? If not, be prepared for nirvana*

You and all your emotional baggage. You and your joy. You and your 3 other personalities or your extra 5 pounds. Come as you are. We want the real you. If you have your own mat, bring it! If you forget it or don’t have one, no sweat. We have mats, bolsters, blocks, straps, sandbags, blankets, and even eye pillows so that you can yoga in comfort.

Wear supportive, comfortable clothing that you can move in. Gentlemen, we suggest that you wear bike or compression shorts underneath your regular shorts or pants. Ladies, be aware that loose tops tend to ride up in down dog, (which is totally fine by us) but if that’s not your style, wear something fitted. Wear layers so that you will be comfortable during all parts of class – you may want a little more warmth at the beginning and end of class during warm-up and savasana.

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