I was born in India, raised in Toronto, Canada and the Bay Area, CA.  I always tell people that this is what a Bay Area girl looks like :-p

I was the least Indian of my siblings.  I couldn’t wait to renounce my Indian-ness and be completely American.  I didn’t learn to read and write Punjabi (the Indian dialect we speak), I wasn’t curious about our culture and traditions, I was bored when we went to the Gurdwara (our religious temple); I just wasn’t that interested in being Indian.

Then I found yoga.  I realized that there are many things about being Indian that I love: the holidays, weddings, clothes and jewelry (oh my!), the colors, the food, the values.  There are traditions that are ingrained in the culture, thus me, that I didn’t even notice.  One of the main traditions was my knowledge of Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga.  Ayurveda and yoga are blueprints on how to live your life.  Ayurveda guides you in structuring your day, year, life through healthy patterns of sleep, movement, meditation, diet.  It’s truly fascinating.

When I was in yoga teacher training (YTT), my teacher asked who was familiar with Ayurveda?  Very few of us raised our hands—I definitely didn’t.  Once we started to delve into Ayurveda and what it encompassed, I realized I DID know Ayurveda; I just hadn’t heard  my mom and grandmother say, “And, pay attention, THIS is Ayurveda.”  It is seamlessly woven into the Indian culture and way of being.  When my grandmother made us a milky concoction to help aid in healing from a cold, THAT was Ayurveda.  When my mom cooked what was in season with all the Indian spices, THAT was Ayurveda.  I never heard the word Ayurveda being used in the house, but we were steeped in it.

As an American, I am so excited to have this roadmap to help structure my days and life.  As an Indian, it just FEELS right.  So much so, that I have decided to pursue Ayurvedic Training in 2022.  I can’t wait to share more Ayurveda with you in the near future!